Who we are

Traditionally, Andalusian families, particularly Torrox families, used houses located in the countryside to stay in the season of the raisin and the collection of the olive. As a result, each family had a house or “cortijo” on the outskirts of town. Our family has reinvented this ancient tradition, so we offer a renewed version of the “Andalusian Farmhouse” for the enjoyment of our customers.

The first farmhouse we built between 1985-1990, is what we call “Cortijo Del Monte”. In the construction we all collaborate, mom, dad and children. The purpose was none other than to enjoy it on weekends and holiday periods … until the children got older.

Coincidentally and coinciding with that time, a tourist agent knowledgeable of our farmhouse, proposed to rent it, since according to this, the farmhouse met all the optimal conditions to offer it to the rental market; We did so and since then our only objective is none other than to offer the best service, comfort and convenience.

Later, between the years 1998-2005, we built the other cortijos, “Cortijo El Paraíso”, “Cortijo Los Almendrales” and “Cortijo Del Sol”. The business is still familiar, the mother and daughters are responsible for the interior cleaning and that there is no lack of detail to the cortijos and aloso for the design and dissemination of the houses in the different portals both national and international. The father and son takes care of all the exteriors, gardens, pool, etc.

A Family Team

Carlos Cortés


Carlos is responsible for the daily maintenance of the villas. Face visible to guests, has extensive experience in the treatment and management of reservations that Ruralovers receives directly or through the different holiday agencies we work with. Carlos will be your contact here in Torrox. From the moment he receives the guests and accompanies them to the villa until the moment of leaving the house, Carlos will do everything possible so that the traveler always feels safe and attended at all times.

Thanks to their great work, all Ruralovers villas have received numerous opinions referring to the excellence of their work, which is why the villas are placed in the top positions of the main holiday agencies in Torrox.

Nieves Cortés


None of this would have been possible without the commendable and very important work of Nieves. She is in charge of everything that the guest finds in the villa is clean and in perfect condition. No one like Nieves leaves the cleanest and freshest bedding, fluffy towels and house with the smell and color of tranquility and happiness. She makes these villas a unique and homely place.

Rocío Cortés


Rocío is the youngest of the family, and she is responsible for the daily management and dissemination of all villas online. For her extensive creativity and taste for the exquisite has been the architect and designer of each renovation of the wonderful corners of each villa, creating more than beatiful places, places able to convey emotions and able to create a pleasant atmosphere. She takes care of every detail in our villas to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.